A Finishing Mentality

Sascha and Jaco had a wonderful start to the day, entering the first waterpoint in 13th position. Jaco started feeling himself and prospects to improve in the general classifications seemed evident. In a moment all this changed when Sascha went down as a group of riders, riding at high speed, negotiated a sharp left turn and riders collided. The cut to his arm demanded stitches to stop the bleeding and Sascha had to withdraw. 

Jaco Venter finished the stage and will continue riding as an individual finisher. We wish Sascha a speedy recovery and quick return to the bike. This is not the first Cape Epic which Jaco had to finish alone. We have faith that he will complete the journey.

Having a finishing mentality is another quality you need to reach your goals and to claim any achievements. This means that you have to continue onward in spite of setbacks and you have to be focussed on the final goal, finishing the race. One can only wonder how many give up before achieving their goal and what would the impact have been on their lives if they finished what they started.

A finishing mentality is an attribute one requires to be successful in attaining an education and becoming a contributor to society and the economy. It is fair to say that our youth will benefit from opportunities and guidance to develop a finishing mentality.