Education Innovation Partners ("EduInnov8")

Education Technology & Services

Reimagining solutions to transform education in Africa at Scale!


EduInnov8 is creating a market leader in edtech and services in Africa

EduInnov8’s education led buy-and-build strategic objective is to:

  • Consolidate multi-channel education technology & services.
  • Create data-driven solution design & innovation.
  • Deliver accountable education impact solutions.

Educational Values

About EduInnov8

EduInnov8’s vision is to transform education through empowering the Educator’s as the agents of change resulting in the upliftment of the education system in Africa as a whole.

The successful execution of EduInnov8’s education led vision drives:

  • Empowered & supported teachers;
  • Inspired & engaged learners;
  • Effective & proficient education institutions; and
  • Connected & involved communities.


  • To have a meaningful impact on education, projects require scale accompanied by coordination with supplementary programs.
  • Through association with EduInnov8 Partners, we have access to information, used by our Foundation, to advise on where and how to invest your funding or implement your projects for maximum educational impact.
  • We subscribe to the approach where our interventions are activated in school feeder systems where other evidence-based interventions are active.
  • Ad hoc investments dilute education impact. The synchronized combination of all interventions is needed to affect noticeable change in our education system.
  • EduInnov8 Foundation presents impact investors and funders of education with a transparent and evidence-based approach to maximize the impact of their investment in education. We invest in research and collaborate with technology providers to fulfil our vision.

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