Amongst other definitions, resilience is defined as “the quality of being able to return quickly to a previous good condition after problems or difficulties”.

In Stage 1, our team faced a fanatic start by the “Elite Men” on a day when they had to climb more than 2400 meters. The team lost 19 positions today to finish 42nd on GC.

Resilience is an essential quality one requires to take part in the ABSA CAPE EPIC. It is also an essential quality one needs on your journey towards attaining your personal goals in life. Physically we can improve the resilience of our form and fitness by exercising and following a progressive training plan. Being consistent and disciplined in our training helps to build resilience. Mental resilience is an essential quality one needs to develop to succeed and persevere in our life journey. In our efforts to foster and mobilize 1st generation learners, EduInnov8 Foundation creates opportunities for learners to develop resilience. By creating competitive events for children at their schools in their communities, we create an opportunity for successful students to become resilient.

Tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities for our Jaco Venter and Sascha Webber, similarly a new day awaits us to continue onward toward our goals.