Our Team faced another long stage today 93 kilometers with an elevation gain of 2200m. All of this, in the Witzenberg Valley, where trails are rocky, powdery and loose. No easy rolling on the single track or jeep tracks. After a traditional brutal stage 1, you need the determination to overcome the mountains you are facing in a literal sense on the day.

With the biggest UCI Elite Men category in the field in Cape Epic history (54 teams), Jaco and Sascha finished 41st today. Although Jaco did not suffer from more cramping, he still felt low on power during the climbs today. Tomorrow’s stage may be more suitable for our two seasoned riders.

Determination can be defined as “the ability to keep doing something difficult”. It is a quality you find in successful athletes and one our youth are to develop to attain success in life. Some are naturally more determined than others, however determination can be fostered.

Through community based competitive events and the Out of the Blocks physical development program, EduInnov8 Foundation fosters these qualities in 1st generation learners.