The Fruit of Positivity

Today, our team finished 9 places better than the previous 2 days! They reached the finish line in 32nd place, after another difficult stage from Tulbagh to Wellington. They are slowly improving in form and their highly developed mental strength is currently pulling them through. 

It seems having a positive mindset and not giving up helped the team to improve their standing today. These are qualities that our parents can illustrate in facing daily challenges. Taking part in competition in an environment where learners can be mentored and guided through the eb-and-flow of life, is an investment in the resilience of our youth. Something they will need to continue on their course to victory. Whatever that may be.

In environments where learners are not exposed to activity and opportunities to participate and compete, positive mindsets are rare. Learners who experience this development and exposure in their homes, reap the benefits, when facing the challenges of learning. The EduInnov8 Foundation will focus our efforts on creating opportunities for 1st Generation learners to develop these attributes, such as a positive mindset.